The Mk Series

The Mk are a series of scripts created by Markit on Demand. They do not require dependencies like Bootstrap or jQueryUi. They are flexible and fully keyboard/screen-reader accessible making them a sound choice for developing interactivity.

Below is the current list of Mk scripts and their CSS counterparts. Your project may not come with all of these scripts included out of the box. If that's the case, find the component you need below and view the codepen documentation for script and style access.

Mk Component scripts are located under ~/Content/Scripts/MK-UI and associated styles live under ~/Content/Styles/MK-UI.

Mk-Selectmenu Included

MkSelectmenu is a library which can be used in place of dropdown menus, select boxes, and combo boxes. It supports single selections, multi-selections, option groups, and a number of other features.

See the Pen Mk SelectMenu by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.

Mk-Autocomplete Included

Fully accessible, screen reader capable autocomplete component with multi-select ability, tag creation, comma separation, and ability to enable/disable with ease. Well there’s more so check it out.

See the Pen Mk Autocomplete by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.


Datepickers are a dime a dozen. But this date picker is fully WCAG compliant, making it the best choice around. It's also extremely easy to customize.

See the Pen Mk DatePicker by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.


Fix your table header vertically or fix the first column of your table horizontally with the MkTablefloat library. Click events on table headers (like sorting) port over with no extra work necessary.

See the Pen Mk TableFloat by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.


Paralaxical mayhem is achieved with this light-weight, low processing MkElevate component. If only screen readers knew how cool things looked.

See the Pen mk-elevate by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.

Mk-Tooltip Included

Accessible tooltip/popup which can be activated via mouseover, click, and click. Any amount of markup and behavior can be added to content inside a tooltip.

See the Pen Mk Tooltip by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.

Mk-Loader Included

Every site using ajax has a loader module. This loader module is one step cooler. We use specialized aria attributes and hidden text updates which notify screen reader and keyboard accessible users what's happening, when data returns, and focuses on that updated data.

See the Pen Mk Loader by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.


How do you make an easily customizable slider while supporting Accessiblity? By manipulating text inputs, that's how! Check out this flexible slider libary with the help of NoUiSlider.

See the Pen Mk Slider by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.


Fixed header, horizontal table scroll with UI controls for scrolling a step/page in length. Supports a responsive layout.

See the Pen Mk TableToggle by Markit On Demand (@MarkitOnDemand) on CodePen.